Knuckleboom Loaders

Knuckleboom Loaders

Weiler Knuckleboom Loaders set the industry standard with superior hydraulic performance, heavy-duty structures and fuel-efficient engines.  These loaders prove their durability and reliability day in and day out in the toughest logging applications.  Best in class ground level access to filters provides convenience and safety while performing routine service.  A fully integrated delimber and trailer package from the factory is an industry exclusive providing total machine support.

Download the K560 Spec Sheet.
Download the K760 Spec Sheet.

As the industry benchmark for nearly 20 years,
the loader hydraulic system features superior
multi-functioning capability enabling operators to
lift, swing and rotate the grapple simultaneously
without impairing performance.
The precisely tuned pilot controls provide feedback
through the joysticks and foot pedals during dynamic
operations providing the operator a superior feel of
the machine.  This results in smoother movements
and finer controllability.


Select from three operating modes to meet fuel
consumption and production requirements.
All modes maintain a consistent system pressure
which allows lift capacity and swing torque to
remain equal regardless of the mode selected.
The new all down stabilizer function provides uniform
stabilizer cylinder force improving machine footing.
Combined with a quiet cab, great visibility and a powerful
HVAC system keep operators comfortable and productive.


Ground level access of engine, fuel, pilot, case
drain filters and the standard electric hydraulic
oil fill pump make for safe, easy service.  The new
grapple rotate flushing reminder ensures oil is
circulated back through the filter.

The hydraulic system and components have proven
to be the most durable system ever put in a knuckleboom
loader.  Extreme duty booms and structures are designed
to withstand heavy side-to-side delimbing applications
day in and day out.