Connect 24/7 With Digital Fleet Management Solutions

You can connect with Louisiana Cat and your equipment on your schedule, 24/7, with My.Cat.Com. Using a computer or tablet, you can access asset data from all your connected equipment—including location, health, maintenance, performance and more— to manage your fleet, improve utilization and productivity and control costs.

Parts.Cat.Com Benefits:

Asset – Equipment List
Review hours & location of all connected equipment, add and remove your non-connected assets.

Product Health
Stay up to date on equipment health and diagnosis, view oil sampling status and reports.

Maintenance – Service History
View equipment in real time, know when your fleet needs preventive maintenance and schedule service online.
Service history provides work orders, status and description of repairs with dates of service.

Identify underutilized equipment by reviewing your fleet’s working and idle time, and percent of fuel burned.

Agreements – Warranties
Review warranties and Customer Value Agreements (CVA), including their start and end dates, start and end hours.
If your equipment requires a safety or service letter, review the details online.

Operations – Rentals
Review all rental contracts and their status, by invoice number, project or jobsite location.
Control costs with a review of your rental spend history.

Set simple reminders to help manage your fleet and e-mail them to yourself or others.

Get Started Today!

  1. Go to My.Cat.Com and enter some basic information about your company and equipment.
  2. As soon as Louisiana Cat verifies your account, you’ll be able to access your equipment data and order parts online.

Having trouble registering? Contact: Chantel Cook at or (985)536-0436.