Caterpillar is at the forefront of the energy transition,
integrating renewable power with smart energy storage and
conventional diesel or gas fueled power generation to keep
your industries producing, communities developing
and people connected. 
As global fuel prices continue to fluctuate and renewable
technologies become increasingly competitive and
sophisticated, Cat Hybrid Microgrid Solutions are designed
to significantly:
• Reduce your fuel expenses
• Decrease harmful emissions
• Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)
• Achieve favorable payback periods.


With energy microgrids emerging as next level technology in distributed power generation, Louisiana Cat has installed its own microgrid at its Energy and Transportation Headquarters in New Iberia. Click here to read more!


Cat Microgrid technology offers fully integrated power systems with
photovoltaic panels, energy storage, monitoring and control systems,
Cat generator sets, switchgear, and ATS.
A Cat Microgrid system provides cost effective power for on- and off-grid
communities and commercial or industrial installations. By combining
renewable energy from our photovoltaic modules and smart energy storage,
with traditional generation from utilities or generator sets, we can develop
an energy system specifically designed for your application.

For on-grid applications where a traditional utility is present, photovoltaic
modules can be used to lower the costs of power from the utility. For offgrid
applications, the photovoltaic modules are used to offset operation of
diesel or gas generator sets. This lowers fuel consumption and reduces the
operating costs of power production, while also lowering carbon emissions.
Smart energy storage can also be added for short duration grid stabilization
or longer duration renewable time shifting, enabling the renewable power
generated during the day to be used when sunlight is not present.


Cat thin film high-efficiency modules provide a proven performance advantage over conventional crystalline silicon solar modules. Generating more energy than competing modules with the same power rating, Cat PV modules deliver superior performance and reliability.
• Higher annual yield in hot climates
• Lower power loss in humid environments
• Backed by a 25-year power output warranty
The Cat energy storage system provides reliable, long-duration uninterruptible power for Telecom BTS and microwave backhaul operations. The energy storage system features long life cycle characteristics designed for regions that routinely experience multiple hours of daily outages.
• Greater usable capacity – 100% discharge without compromising battery life
• Designed for outdoor operation in 0°C to 50°C ambient
• Reduces theft possibility – cells will not operate when removed and contain no valuable material
The Cat MMC integrates a variety of traditional and renewable energy sources to provide overall monitoring and control of all connected microgrid assets.
• Graphical user interface for monitoring and control of complete microgrid system
• Asset optimization to minimize the cost of energy
• Grid import/export control when connected to the local utility service
Cat bi-directional inverters provide reliable control of the charging and discharging of the storage solution. The inverter is compatible with a wide range of storage options, including lithium-ion, flywheel, and ultracapacitors.
• Designed for a wide range of applications and compatible with most power sources
• Integrates with renewable sources to provide continuous power
• Parallel ready – multiple inverters can be used in parallel to increase available powerr

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