Ship to Shore Marine Contractor Relies on Cat®

Material Handlers and Excavators to do the heavy lifting

LeBlanc counts on Cat Material Handlers to unload barges and Cat Hydraulic Excavators to lift concrete structures into place for coastal restoration projects. The durability and the uptime of the Cat machines are critical in getting the job done on the water.

“Most of my jobs are in remote locations, so a lot of time cell phone service doesn’t work and having equipment breakdowns and repairs can be an issue,” LeBlanc says.

“When you’re out on the water, it’s not as easy to swap out equipment as it is on land,” he continues. “When one thing breaks it shuts down the whole operation. You have a huge support team that’s out there to make these projects happen. There are tugs and barges and crew boats and supporting personnel, and if one machine breaks it shuts down the whole project.

“The dependability of our Cat machines is something we count on to keep working in these conditions, which can sometimes be rough depending on the weather.”

On land, Cat Material Handlers are workhorse machines for LeBlanc Marine, loading and offloading barges at the company’s home base at the Port of Iberia, and elsewhere.

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A D5N Dozer & A Lot of Motivation

In 2005, Cody Fortier started Cody Fortier Farms with a dump truck and a ton of ambition. “We hauled dirt, limestone, whatever it took…I purchased my first dozer not long after I turned 21, a new D5N from what was then Louisiana Machinery,” said Fortier.

In 2010, Michael Hensgens bought into Fortier’s company and Patriot Construction was created. Specializing in commercial and industrial civil construction the company has grown to 60 employees and owns an equipment fleet of 35 Cat machines along with an additional 15 on rent.

Currently Patriot Construction has twenty two jobs in progress including six in Lake Charles, two in Texas, two in Baton Rouge, and the remaining in the Lafayette area. The most recent completed job was Margaritaville, in Bossier City which is a casino. The casino plans called for it to be built on top of a landfill, on which Patriot removed 15 feet of debris.

Patriot Construction recently completed the millennium port expansion located in New Iberia. Patriot moved 1,012,000 yards in 91 days of hauling. For this expansion project, they needed specialized equipment and rented ten Cat 740 off road dump trucks from Louisiana Rents, as well as a Cat 345 barge unloading rig from Leblanc Marine.

When asked why Cody chose Cat machines over the competition he states, “We believe Cat machines offer more production and a higher resale value, but most importantly we know Louisiana Cat will stand behind its product and it’s customer.”

Fortier continued, ” We do almost everything through Louisiana Cat, we buy from them, we rent from them, they maintain our equipment, and we have service agreements where they monitor our equipment though GPS which tracks oil changes and scheduled service on machines.”

“We purchase parts from them, as well as rent miscellaneous equipment from Louisiana Cat. Our rental rep, Derrick Melancon is always one call away and ready to provide us with what we need as quickly as possible.”

“Growing up working for other companies, I quickly learned about the equipment I didn’t want, it would be worn out after 2,000 hours. That’s why I turned to Louisiana Cat from day one, and why I am still a loyal customer nearly 10 years later.”



Ag Logistics: “Hauling Sugar Cane Is Our Business”

For Laurie Doiron, owner of Ag Logistics in White Castle, Louisiana, hauling sugar cane is her business. Ag Logistics hauls brown sugar for the Cora Texas Manufacturing Company year round from the mill to the refinery, which makes the reliability and uptime of their truck fleet a vital part of keeping this young company profitable.

“Everything here is sugar cane related business,” said Todd Doiron, Operations Manager. “During harvest season we run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 100 days straight. We get anywhere from 625 to 675 truckloads a day of sugar cane. Typically we’re running 150 trucks and averaging 15-50 outbound loads a day of brown sugar delivered to the refinery in Gramercy, Louisiana.

“When you run 150 trucks for 100 days, things are going to break. We understand this and look for the people we rent and buy from to understand it as well. It’s important that we work with a service department that can communicate back and forth so that we can plan accordingly,” Doiron continued.

In February 2014, Ag Logistics purchased three Cat® CT660 Vocational Trucks from Louisiana Cat. Their fleet was recently expanded by another 10 CT660 trucks.

“We’ve been impressed with them. They’re running well and the fuel mileage is right where it’s expected to be. We have to go across the Sunshine Bridge, which is pretty steep, the trucks do a great job of carrying the load and we haven’t had any problems to speak of.”
Ag Logistics decided to go with a unique mix of colors when ordering their first 3 trucks. “I got to pick a color, Nicole Kessler, our office manager, picked a color and my wife picked a color.”

Being a big Saints fan, Laurie Doiron picked the gold one. Kessler let her daughter pick a color, the teal truck. “For the third truck,” continued Doiron, “I picked Cat yellow because I thought it was a shame no one was running a Cat truck with the traditional Cat colors!”
When asked why they decided to go with Louisiana Cat, he expressed, “Communication is very important for us because we have 1.7 million tons of sugar cane to move in 100 days, no excuses. You can’t move all of that with a bunch of your trucks in the shop. Planning and logistics are a vital part to our operation, especially during the harvest season.”

“Louisiana Cat has always done a great job at communicating with us and holding true to their word and that was one of the major determining factors as to why we ultimately have chose to do business with them and will continue to do so in the future.”



Y&S Marine: “At The Height Of The Curve”

Growing up in a family business was both enjoyable and enlightening for Emmet “Trae” Scobel, III. Trae, now Vice President and Operations Manager for Y&S Marine, gained experience at an early age in the oil and gas industry by working multiple positions throughout his father’s company. These positions, on vessels and on land, have taught Trae to value “what it takes to get the natural resources, we all desire and appreciate.”

Trae’s father, Emmet “E.L.” Scobel, Jr., founded Y&S Marine with his cousin, Raymond Yuratich in 1974 in Buras, Louisiana. The namesake of the company is a combination of the founders’ last names. Trae said the cousins “bought an old crew boat and reworked it from top down.” Y&S Marine has grown ever since and is now located in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

The market for the oil and gas industry has continuously changed over the years. These changes and the needs of the industry presented Trae with the chance to go in a new direction. Trae is now proud to say their first deep water vessel is currently in production. Trae noted, “We felt like we had a great opportunity to build something for the future.”

Reliability and efficiency are two core values Y&S Marine expects to receive from their partners. They partnered with Swiftships in Morgan City, Louisiana, to build the vessel. “We had to select an engine company who was going to have a proven track record and that’s why we leaned toward Caterpillar.” Trae trusts in the drive and quality of Cat® products, adding that “we need to get it right, every time and cannot concern ourselves with any kind of reduction in quality.” Trae recognized, “Louisiana Cat and their supporting network is critical to our success.” He is also hoping the partnership with both Swiftships and Louisiana Cat will be “the beginning of a new era.”

The deep water vessel to start this new era has an overall length of 205 feet with a beam width of 34 feet. Trae described a typical day on a Y&S Marine vessel; “We bring out personnel and cargo to those working on oil platforms, including groceries.” The workers on these platforms depend on Y&S Marine to be reliable, that’s why Trae and his team count on Cat engines.

“When someone hires us we realize that they trust us with their assets, with their equipment and with their people; in the event of an emergency, we are prepared to manage not only our own business but our community affairs.”

Y&S Marine customers depend on them to deliver the materials they need as quick as possible. Timing is crucial in this industry. With the production of the new vessel, Trae acclaimed, “We are going to have a high performance vessel and we’ll be able to step in and get what they need right away.” While most don’t measure time, Trae believes, “time is our biggest resource.” Trae continued, “If your timing isn’t right you don’t have much of an investment.”

Now with 60 employees and 11 vessels to operate, Trae sees the production of this new vessel as an opportunity for their small company to continue growing. “It’s clear we want to be at the forefront of opportunities out there, but we do recognize that with opportunities comes challenges.” These opportunities are backed by their partnership with Louisiana Cat. “Louisiana Cat has been very encouraging and it’s been a pleasure to work with them.”

Confidence in your engine goes a long way in the marine industry. Trae met with Louisiana Cat Marine Sales Rep, Gareth DiBetta, to help in moving forward with their new venture of building a deep water vessel. “Gareth and everyone with Louisiana Cat has been very helpful. We like to see someone who’s willing to be a business partner of ours and not just sell us something.” Not only is Trae confident in the quality of Cat products, but in the service capabilities of Louisiana Cat and knowing that he has someone to go to if a problem should arise.

Not only will the Cat engines have the horsepower this deep water vessel needs, but they will also help reduce fuel burn. Trae feels his clients will be interested in fuel reduction and view the Cat engines as a positive influence. “Whatever we can pass on to our customer as a positive influence, not only for them, and us, also reflects back on Caterpillar.”

Fuel efficiency and horsepower are imperative on a deep water vessel. Trae worked with Gareth and the boat builder to select the best engine package for Y&S Marine. Trae continued, “This package will give us optimal performance. We don’t want to be below the curve, we want to be at the height of it.” Trae decided on the 3512C engine with 2250 horsepower. “We felt like Caterpillar had the upper hand on not only a proven product but also a support network.”

In the marine industry, your engine is your lifeline. Louisiana Cat understands how important uptime is for a business, their crew and their bottom line. Trae is assured if a problem arises, Louisiana Cat’s service department is just a phone call away. Trae is confident in Cat engines and the support he receives from Louisiana Cat. As one of Caterpillar’s most experienced large bore marine engine dealers, Louisiana Cat guarantees that your complete satisfaction will always be their top priority. Contact Louisiana Cat to discover for yourself, what Trae already knows… Cat marine engines are durable, dependable and simply put, the most powerful engines in the industry.



Coushatta Casino Resort – “Louisiana’s Best Bet”

Opened in 1995, the Coushatta Casino Resort features a 100,000 square foot gaming floor, over 900 hotel rooms, luxury RV resort and six restaurants.For nearly five years, Red Diamond Energy Services has provided forklifts and heavy machinery to oil field companies at many job sites in Northwest Louisiana. Maintaining that equipment has been an ongoing challenge. But that all changed early this year, when Justin Lewis, Louisiana Rents sales representative, met with Red Diamond at the Louisiana Cat office in Bossier City, La.

Promoted as “Louisiana’s Best Bet” you can bet that the daily amount of foot traffic going through the facility at any one time is about as high as the daily jackpot. For this reason, a power outage is absolutely unacceptable and you must always have safe and reliable backup generators ready to go at any moment’s notice.

Coushatta counts on Louisiana Cat for their emergency preparedness and more. With a total of 11 backup generators on the property, they are able to switch to back up power seamlessly without the guests even noticing.

Gary Sonnier, Director of Facilities and Steve Fontenot, Maintenance Department Shift Manager, manage the upkeep of the facility and monitor all of Coushatta’s back up power capabilities.

“The casino has been here for 19 ½ years and I’ve been here since before the doors opened,” said Sonnier. “Back then we only started with two 1500 kW generators. Now, after the various expansions and changes to the facility, we’re up to 11 total.”

“The Cat® generators have been very reliable, which is especially prevalent during hurricane season. We lost power during Hurricane Rita and at the time we were housing a large amount of guests; most of whom were involved with the storm cleanup efforts and other things of that nature. We didn’t even have to crank the generators because as soon as we lost power, they were on and going for 3 days straight without interruption.”

During another significant hurricane, Coushatta shut down normal business activities and acted as a shelter for first responders. It was estimated around 200+ emergency responders, casino personnel and volunteers stayed in the casino and hotel during the storm. During this time Coushatta was running on 100% back up power that remained steady and reliable throughout the entire ordeal.

“We check the generators 3 times a day, 7 days a week, however, we do not perform the maintenance ourselves.” Fontenot commented in reference to routine maintenance and service checks.

He continued, “We have Louisiana Cat perform all of the maintenance and repairs on our generators. Anytime we call, we get somebody and have never had any problems.”

In the event of inclement weather Sonnier and Fontenot know they have a proven and reliable back up power supply that will be ready for whatever is thrown at them. The rigorous daily checks of the system by the Coushatta maintenance department and routine maintenance supplied by Louisiana Cat all play a major part in ensuring the reliability of the equipment.

For nearly 20 years Louisiana Cat has been a trusted power supplier for Coushatta Casino Resort. Equipped with the right power solutions to meet any project head on, contact Louisiana Cat today to discuss how they help improve your operation.



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