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Cat® Marine Power Systems in Louisiana

Louisiana Cat boasts over 80 years of experience as one of Caterpillar’s most significant and practiced marine dealers. Every Cat® Marine Engine we offer is backed by our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence. These engines, steeped in advanced technology and constructed with innovative materials, are celebrated for their durability and reliability. Consequently, customers worldwide consistently choose Cat® engines for marine power over other brands. Whether you need power for an offshore service vessel, a passenger ship, or an inland push boat, Louisiana Cat is equipped to provide the ideal marine engine to keep your fleet performing at its best.

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Our Range of Marine Services Includes:

  • Comprehensive Marine Engine Services: We provide all levels of engine overhauls, par testing, marine generator service, preventive maintenance, and emergency repairs.
  • Skilled Commissioning and Field Technicians: Our team of technicians draws on their substantial offshore experience and credentials – including passports, TWIC cards, and safety certifications – to deliver expert product support services, anywhere and anytime.
  • 24-hour Emergency Service: We offer around-the-clock emergency services to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Superior Product Support Programs: We offer engine-specific product support programs and Customer Value Agreements.

Specialized Services:

  • Expert Engineering: Our engineering staff are renowned experts in their fields, providing customers with technical advice and tailored, computer-generated drawings. Whether providing full-fledged developmental services or project support, we can cater to all your engineering needs.

  • Hands-on Technician Training: We offer intensive hands-on technical training at our facilities in New Iberia and Morgan City. These classes offer in-depth understanding of both diesel and natural gas engines. Click Here for our Training Schedule and details on the classes offered.

  • Advanced Monitoring Systems: Through our Product Health Center, we offer Product Health Connect®, an integrated monitoring and display system. We also provide Product Health Command®, a user-friendly touch screen management portal that provides full control over your engines and generators’ on-board performance and maintenance data online, anytime, anywhere.

The Connect and Command systems ensure you receive easy-to-understand, critical engine data to ensure optimal vessel productivity. Located in New Iberia, LA, our state-of-the-art facility is staffed by dedicated individuals whose prime focus is to maximize your “up-time” with the goal of reducing your owning and operating costs.

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Why Opt for Marine Services from Louisiana Cat

Louisiana Cat provides specialized full-service Marine solutions through our centers located in Morgan City, Harvey, Darrow, and a marine parts store in Port Fourchon. In addition, we operate a dedicated service facility in Houma, LA, for Cat Propulsion products, equipped with dockside capabilities and positioned on the Intracoastal waterway. Our Power Systems headquarters at the Port Of Iberia complements our strategic locations.

The Morgan City branch affords easy access to the Intracoastal Waterway, the lower Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico ports. To extend our knack for marine services statewide, we facilitate fully trained marine technicians at various locations prepared to serve our customers across the inland waterway.

Armed with substantial offshore experience, passports, TWIC cards, and safety certifications, our expert commissioning and field service technicians are ready to deliver competent product support services to our customers, regardless of where and when they require them.


Introducing the Cat® C4.4 Engine for the Inland Market

With the Cat® C4.4 engine, fulfill all your onboard power requirements effortlessly, thanks to its exceptional reliability, superlative quiet operation, and minimal maintenance demands. It’s an engine so efficient and seamless that it quietly becomes a part of your vessel’s operations. With our in-stock inventory, you can get your hands on the C4.4 faster than ever before, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity on the water.

Starting at a competitive price of just $28,500*, click here to request a quote.

6 ways the the Cat C4.4 is hands-off and worry-free.

The Implementation of Cat® SCR Technology

As the commercial marine sector adapts to the stringent EPA Tier 4 and IMO III emissions standards, Caterpillar Marine is leading the way with innovative solutions designed to enhance performance while fully complying with regulations. Caterpillar’s holistic approach combines a fuel-efficiency-optimized engine with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) aftertreatment system. This solution is poised not only to significantly reduce NOx emissions but also to diminish customers’ owning and operating costs, offering exceptional value in environmental responsibility and economic savings.

Understanding SCR in Three Steps:

The SCR operation starts at the dosing cabinet, where the correct dose of compressed air [1A] and urea [1B] is mixed. This mixture is sourced from the onboard urea tank and then transferred [2A] to the SCR module.

Once in the SCR module, it is injected into the exhaust stream [2B]. Here in the SCR module [3], the water from the mixture evaporates, and the urea is transformed into NH3, or ammonia.

When the converted ammonia comes into contact with the SCR catalyst, a reduction in NOx emissions occurs. The final products of this environmentally-friendly process are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water, and oxygen – underscoring the efficiency and eco-conscious design of the SCR system.

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Businesses and industries across the state rely on our cost-effective, top-quality solutions in engine packaging. Louisiana Cat is uniquely equipped to handle packaging for diesel engines, natural gas engines and more. We have the resources and expertise to properly size and design a custom power package for your unique applications. With our qualified engineering staff, extensive fabrication facilities, skilled personnel and reliable product support, we have what you need to get the most out of your power investment.

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At Louisiana Cat we focus on you, the customer, and the reliability, safety and profitability of your business. It’s this focus that drives our own business and dictates how we work together on a daily basis, because when a highly skilled, experienced team all pulls in the same direction … that’s when great things happen.

Louisiana Cat is committed to providing products and services of the highest quality utilizing the most dependable and advanced technology to our Customers. Read more on our Quality Policy Here.  To view our ISO 9001 Certificate, Click Here.