Install It. Fuel It. Forget It.


Now you can meet all your onboard power needs with one engine that’s so reliable, so quiet and so hands-off you’ll probably forget it’s even there.

1. It’s plug-and-play. A single-circuit cooling system — one keel cooler versus two — makes the C4.4 ACERT incredibly fast and easy to install, saving you time and money whether you’re building a new vessel or repowering an existing one.

2. It’s clean, quiet and smoke-free. The C4.4 ACERT runs on an extremely reliable common rail fuel system that generates little noise and zero smoke, keeping your vessel (and the air around you) clean.

3. It’s virtually maintenance-free. The C4.4 ACERT’s hydraulic valve lash adjusters work automatically — no time-consuming or costly manual adjustment needed. Water pumps are gear-driven, so there are no belts to fail. No zinc anodes are required, and the oil change interval is a lengthy 500 hours. It all adds up to less time and money spent on regular maintenance.

4. It’s self-priming. If you run out of fuel, there’s no need to “bleed” the C4.4 ACERT’s fuel system manually. Just turn the key and let the fuel prime pump do its job.

5. It’s fully compliant. Concerned about Subchapter M? You don’t need to worry about failing inspection requirements with the safe, modern, reliable C4.4 ACERT.

6. It’s in stock and ready to ship. Repowering and need a new marine generator fast? You’re in luck. Our in-stock inventory means you can get the C4.4 faster than ever, so you can get back out on the water quickly.

Here’s another benefit: On the rare occasions your C4.4 requires maintenance, all it takes is one phone call to your nearest Louisiana Cat branch to get the parts and support you need. Our highly trained commissioning and field technicians have significant offshore experience with passports, TWIC cards and safety certifications enabling our customers to receive highly skilled product support services anytime, anywhere.

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