Diesel and Natural Gas Generators


In need of a dependable, cost-effective temporary power solution? Louisiana Cat stands out as the prime destination for generator rentals tailored to address both short-term and extended electricity needs. Whether you’re managing remote operations, scheduled shutdowns, or looking for backup during unexpected power outages, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, as an integral part of the Caterpillar® family, our commitment to unmatched service and support remains unwavering.


Flexibility and mobility are vital when selecting generator rentals. Recognizing this, our inventory is packed with towable generator rentals. You can quickly move these with your vehicles, ensuring power is available wherever you need it. With straightforward setup procedures, these generators promise timely project execution in places where conventional power sources might be absent.

Sourcing from industry giants, including Caterpillar, our offerings span from compact, lightweight generators to larger, industrial-grade units. Caterpillar’s lineage of nearly a century in heavy equipment ensures that our gensets are reliable, resilient, and compliant with modern emissions standards.

Louisiana Cat’s extensive roster boasts top-grade portable generators from Caterpillar and other industry frontrunners. Key features of our generators include:

  • Robust, efficient diesel engines and gas-powered variants.
  • Multiple voltage outputs for diverse power needs.
  • Intuitive controls ensuring effortless operation.
  • Sturdy enclosures for enhanced durability and noise control.
  • DOT-approved trailers for safe transport.
  • Assorted hitch options to guarantee a stable vehicle connection.

Our towable generators come in varied configurations and capacities. Notably, we offer models from Caterpillar’s Olympian line, delivering both affordability and reliability. Features to look forward to:

  • Cutting-edge diesel engines for exceptional power.
  • Quick recovery during transient load fluctuations, thanks to automatic voltage regulators.
  • Secure mounting and transportation, facilitated by a robust steel base and designated lifting points.
  • Customizable options to tailor the generator’s performance to specific operational conditions.
  • Rigorous factory testing to guarantee peak performance.

Opting for a generator rental is a strategic move if your power needs vary from one project to another. Bypass the hassles of storage and maintenance. With our constantly updated rental fleet, you gain access to the latest innovations, ensuring enhanced safety, productivity, and efficiency.

With Louisiana Cat, you benefit from:

  • Swift services ensuring minimal setup times.
  • Adaptable rental agreements.
  • Expert guidance on product selection.
  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair services during your rental period.
  • On-site training for your team to maximize safety and efficiency.


Louisiana Cat doesn’t merely rent out generators. We offer unparalleled support and a comprehensive experience. Our seasoned team guides you to the ideal equipment for your projects. Should you face any challenges, our round-the-clock repair and maintenance services ensure uninterrupted operations. We’re here to craft a rental plan that aligns with your operational timelines and budget considerations.

Louisiana Cat can help you with all your rental needs. To learn more about Rental Generators call Louisiana Cat today at 866-843-7440.