Virtual Training

Louisiana Cat’s Virtual Equipment Training is an easy to use, cost effective and reliable heavy equipment simulator operator training program. Our virtual simulator offers the latest software technology that allows heavy equipment operators to receive the training they need. Some of the benefits a business will receive from Virtual Training Solutions include:

Improved Safety
Train without risks to machines, instructors, other job site persons, or property.

Increased Production
Trained operators are generally more productive on real machines.

Training Flexibility
Training can take place any time, night or day, on site or off site and regardless of weather conditions.

Reduced Costs
Lower training costs by pre-screening applicants, decreasing training supervision requirements, reducing training time and machine operating costs.

Decrease Production Loss
Minimizes the use of production machines for training.

Louisiana Cat offers two unique simulator programs: the M-Series Motor Grader and theHydraulic Excavator. Both simulators are designed to train and orient an entry level operator on basic machine operation, skills and application knowledge. The M-Series Motor Grader simulator features the same joystick controls found on the new Motor Graders. The Hydraulic Excavator simulator features a variety of programs from skills test to bucket placements and loading of trucks. Plus Louisiana Cat’s simulator is one of the very few that is both mobile and self-powered.

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