Logo Request

Request for use of the Louisiana Cat logo(s)

The logo request procedure is intended to ensure the integrity of the Louisiana Cat logo is respected and maintained, and to avoid misrepresentation of Louisiana Cat’s visual image.

Please complete all sections of the logo request form and make sure that the intended use or uses of the Louisiana Cat logo are clearly stated.

The Louisiana Cat Marketing Department will review your request and, if approved, will supply a logo agreement to be signed by both parties. The agreement should be agreed to and signed. The logo will be sent as an electronic file in the format requested.

All materials incorporating the Louisiana Cat logo supplied must be submitted to the Louisiana Cat Marketing contact before production begins to ensure the logo is correctly used and the terms of the request have been maintained. Artwork may be forwarded electronically as JPG or PDF files.

Louisiana Cat will make every effort to ensure the logos requests are evaluated and logos supplied within 48 hours of requests being received. If submitted on a weekend or holiday, please allow for more time.

Logo requests will only be accepted if submitted using the form below.