Exterior View

XQ2280 Tier 4 Final

The Cat® XQ2280 rental power module meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Rating Prime
1825 ekW (2280 kVA)
60 Hz
480/277 V
Fuel/Emissions Strategy
U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final
Rating Standby
2000 ekW (2500 kVA)
Cat® 3516C
Width – Without Chassis
Height – Without Chassis
Length – Without Chassis
Weight – Without Chassis, With Lube Oil and Coolant
  • Cat 3516c Diesel Engine
    • Reliable, rugged, durable design
    • Electronic ADEM A4 engine control
    • EPA Tier 4 Final and CARB Emissions Certified
    • Turbocharged, air to water aftercooled
    • Aftertreatment module.
      DEF System
  • Alternator And Alternator Attachments
    • 3 Phase, brushless, 12 lead, Permanent Magnet Excited
    • 1667 Frame
    • Coastal insulation protection and anti-condensation space heaters
    • Integrated voltage regulator (IVR) with VAR/PF control
    • Sized for 120°C temperature rise at 40°C ambient
  • Control Panels
    • EMCP 4.4 Genset mounted digital controller
    • Externally accessible Color Touch-Screen HMI Control Center
    • Manual and automatic paralleling capability
  • Governing System
    • Electrical governing system ADEM A3
  • Cat Connect Remote Monitoring
    • Provides package monitoring and management
  • Cooling System
    • Horizontally, isolation-mounted radiator withvertical air discharge from the container
    • Provides 43°C ambient capability at Prime ratingand 500m
  • Charging / Starting System
    • 120V, 50 Amp battery charger
    • 60 Amp charging alternator
    • Solar maintainer for batteries
    • Dual 24V Electric Starting Motors
  • Fuel System
    • 1050-gal (3975 L) double-wall fuel tank, UL 142and ULc 601 Listed and complies with Transport Canada requirements, 10-hour runtime @ 75%prime, external fuel fill
    • Transfer pump to on-board and off-board fuel
    • Primary fuel filters (3x) with integral water separator
    • External connections for fuel transfer and fuel tank overflow
  • Distribution
    • Externally accessible, Vibration Isolated, 3200A LSIG, UL Listed, 100 kAIC breaker withadvanced protections and power metering
    • Busbar connections
    • Removable plexiglass plate w/safety switch for livebus protection
  • Sound Attenuated Container
    • 48′ ISO high cube container
    • Sound level is 81 dB(A) at 7 meters per SAEJ1074 measured at 75% prime load
    • Sound attenuated air intake louvers and five lockable personnel doors with panic release
  • Lube System
    • Full flow oil filters with water-cooled oil cooler
    • Oil drain lines routed to the engine rail
  • General
    • Factory tested and inspected
    • Full manufacturer’s warranty
    • UL, NEMA, ISO, and IEEE standards

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