Louisiana Cat is committed to serving all branches of the military, U.S. Federal Government agencies, and local and state-level governments. No matter your need – “standard” products, modification/improvement of existing products, or entirely new products – Louisiana Cat stands ready to give you the assistance you need and the quality products on which you can rely.


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When you need to make taxpayer dollars stretch further, you can trust Louisiana Cat to carry the quality products you require. We offer a full lineup of Cat® equipment designed to maximize safety, productivity and fuel efficiency so you can focus on getting the job done.

Backhoe Loaders

Our selection of backhoe loaders includes versatile machines that enable you to do it all, from trenching and backfilling to material handling. Whatever your application, you can depend on a Cat backhoe loader to deliver superior performance and flexibility.

Louisiana Cat offers a range of backhoe loaders designed to deliver consistent power and precision. These models provide exceptional visibility so you can keep your job sites safer and more productive. Cat backhoe loaders also feature load-sensing hydraulics to enhance operator control and make your work more precise.


From general work to niche projects, Cat excavators offer the versatility and durability you need to keep up with the workload. Louisiana Cat carries a variety of excavator sizes to help you find the right match for your application. Whether you need the mobility and versatility of a smaller model or the power and efficiency of a larger one, you can find what you require in our selection.

We offer a broad range of easy-to-operate excavators that deliver reliable performance and excellent fuel efficiency, saving time and resources. These models come with the latest safety and technology features so you can experience optimal performance while maintaining job site safety.

Motor Graders

Looking to use your budget more efficiently? You can depend on a Cat motor grader to save you money while boosting productivity. With features such as advanced hydraulics, comfortable cabs and various technology options, these motor graders help you complete more projects on time and at lower costs.

Louisiana Cat offers a complete lineup of motor graders built for rugged durability even in the most demanding conditions. Cat motor graders offer several safety features, such as angled doors, a tapered engine enclosure and a high-capacity HVAC system to keep windows clear and air fresh.

Track Loaders

Track loaders empower you to tackle rough terrain and tight spaces with ease. Whether you need to clear and grade land or move materials and load trucks, you can depend on a versatile and rugged Cat track loader to save time and money for any application.

We carry a wide variety of track loader sizes and configurations to help meet your specifications. Track loaders provide the traction and low ground pressure you need to perform jobs in challenging conditions, including those with soft, wet or sensitive soil.

Wheel Loaders

Make your material handling and loading jobs safer and faster with a Cat wheel loader. These machines offer powerful performance while maintaining reliable precision and fuel economy. Wheel loaders can move various materials, from dirt and rocks to snow and logs, ensuring continual productivity even in the most demanding conditions.

At Louisiana Cat, we are proud to offer various wheel loader sizes to help you find the right fit for your application. Each model features a comfortable cab, advanced safety features and intuitive controls to help operators feel confident and secure while operating equipment.

Key Attachments

Maximize your equipment investment with the right attachments. Louisiana Cat offers a wide selection of application-specific tools and attachments, enabling you to customize your machine to meet your requirements. Our experienced team can provide expert guidance to help you find the best attachments for your governmental jobs and responsibilities.

With ruggedly built Cat attachments, you can experience total system solutions that allow you to overcome any challenge. Cat attachments offer benefits such as:

  • Easy use: With quick coupling and uncoupling, attachments make it easy to move seamlessly from one application to the next.
  • Long-lasting performance: Cat attachments are built to be strong and durable, so you can depend on them to last even under intense stress and daily use.
  • Enhanced productivity: With the right attachments, you can equip your machines to get more done in less time.
  • Greater cost savings: Attachments enable you to make a smaller fleet more efficient and precise, saving you time and money.


Governmental agencies often find themselves working within tight and/or shrinking budgets, and taxpayers count on you to make smart procurement decisions, even if it means awarding business to a bidder that doesn’t have the lowest price. Caterpillar products from Louisiana Cat work hard, last long and hold their value over time. Our products help you maintain productivity and realize the most value for your dollars, adding up to a top-quality investment. Click Here to view/print our Governmental brochure which highlights several Caterpillar products that are commonly purchased by governmental agencies. Local, State, and Federal Government agencies can trust Louisiana Cat for:

  • Rugged and reliable machines and generator sets
  • Lowest total Life Cycle Costs
  • A broad range of equipment management, financing, insurance, used equipment and rental services
  • Unmatched after-purchase service and support

Caterpillar’s Governmental Bid Spec, is a great source of information on the North American governmental buying process. This website assists governmental customers with specifying their equipment needs and allows fast access to current Cat equipment information.



Work within your tight budget and make smart procurement decisions with help from Louisiana Cat. The Cat Wheeled Excavator is designed with the versatility, power and performance you need to complete more jobs in less time. At comparable reach and depth, Cat wheeled excavators significantly outlift similar-sized Gradall machines, are more versatile and are priced as much as $100,000 LESS!

Click Here to see a comparison between Cat Wheeled Excavators and any of the Gradall models.


Louisiana Cat is proud to be one of 11 dealerships authorized by Caterpillar to perform complete rebuilds for the United States Armed Forces. A Caterpillar-certified rebuild restores aged equipment to “like new” condition, utilizing the “second life” built into all Cat products.

Louisiana Cat has performed hundreds of certified rebuilds which have resulted in millions of dollars in savings for our Armed Forces and taxpayers. Work with Louisiana Cat and invest with confidence, knowing the products and services you select will deliver an excellent return, today and in the future.

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Big or Small. Simple or Complex. Any size or any shape. In any regulatory environment. Working with Louisiana Cat, NJPA members will be able to select from over 120 machine models spanning 14 product families. In addition to the breadth of products, Louisiana Cat will deliver the exceptional service and support our customers have grown to expect.

As a leading provider of solutions to the governmental market, you can count on Louisiana Cat to provide:

  • Rugged, reliable machines and backup power solutions
  • Lowest total Life Cycle Costs
  • Increased buying power through nationally leveraged pricing
  • Governmental-specific resources with in-depth insights
  • Quality service and support from Louisiana Cat

Partner With Louisiana Cat for Government Contract Equipment

When you need assistance procuring equipment for your governmental applications, trust Louisiana Cat. Our team has decades of experience providing the quality products and services our clients need to maximize their investments and boost productivity. We are committed to offering the ongoing support, competitive pricing, flexible financing options and exceptional customer service you require to be completely satisfied with your equipment.

Contact us today to request a free quote. You can also visit a location near you to learn more about our equipment selection and how we can assist with your governmental applications.