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6015 Hydraulic Shovel

The Cat® 6015 Hydraulic Shovel lets you move more material at a lower cost, so you can achieve production targets, deliver on your commitments, meet deadlines and maximize your profitability. With class-leading tool carrying capacity, increased durability and the most powerful engine in its class, the Cat 6015 generates higher productivity and fuel efficiency than other shovels. And it’s offered with more and better options that let you match your machine to your operation — from access and cold weather packages to multiple stick and track pad options. In addition, a large range of buckets is available, giving you optimum payload and machine efficiency for your operation. And the 6015’s high tool carrying capacity gives you the ability to employ large buckets and move more in fewer cycles.

Engine Output – SAE J1995
Bucket Payload
16.1ton (US)
Operating Weight
154.3ton (US)
Specifications shown above apply to highly regulated, backhoe configuration. Lesser regulated and frontless configurations are also available.
Engine Model
Cat® C27
Gross Power – SAE J1995
Net Power – SAE J1349
Number of Cylinders
Engine Model
Cat® C27
Gross Power – SAE J1995
Net Power – SAE J1349
Number of Cylinders
Turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled
Operating Weight
154ton (US)
Ground Pressure
Operating weight includes: 700 mm (28 in) track shoes, 7.6 m (24 ft 11 in) boom, 3.4 m (11 ft 2 in) stick, standard rock bucket, 100% fuel and lubricants
Operating Weight
Extra Wide
Number of Shoes – Each Side
Number of Track Rollers – Each Side
Number of Carrier Rollers – Each Side
Track Pads
Double grouser
Travel Speed – Two Stages – 1st Stage – Maximum
Travel Speed – Two Stages – 2nd Stage – Maximum
Maximum Drawbar Pull – Forward
Maximum Drawbar Pull – Reverse
Gradeability – Travel Drives
Approximately 42%
Hydraulic Track Tensioning
With accumulator
Maximum Drawbar Pull
Fuel Tank
449gal (US)
Cooling System
44gal (US)
Engine Oil
23gal (US)
Swing Drive
2.4gal (US)
Hydraulic System – Including Tank
463gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank
253gal (US)
Grease Tank
18gal (US)
System Voltage
24 V
4 × 200 Ah (12 V each)
Alternator Rating
150 A (24 V) in total
Components (1)
Emergency stop in cabin, engine module, pump room and on service station accessible from ground level
Components (2)
Four maintenance free batteries
Components (3)
Lockable battery isolation switch
Components (5)
14 LED high-brightness working lights
Components (4)
5 LED service lights
Components (6)
2 electric horns
Components (7)
Two (2) lights for rear end
Components (9)
One (1) beacon light on cabin roof
Components (8)
One (1) light for machine deck/service
Main Pumps
3 × variable swash plate pumps
Main Pumps – Maximum Total Oil Flow
Main Pumps – Maximum Pressure – Attachment
Pilot Pump
1 × gear pump
Pilot Pump – Maximum Flow, Pilot
Pilot Pump – Maximum Pressure, Pilot
Main Pumps – Maximum Pressure – Travel
Swing Pump
1 × variable swash plate pump
Engine Fan Pump – Maximum Flow, Engine Fan
Engine Fan Pump – Maximum Pressure, Engine Fan
Engine Fan Pump
1 × variable swash plate pump
Hydraulic Fan Pump – Maximum Flow, Hydraulic Fan
Swing Pump – Maximum Flow – Swing
Hydraulic Fan Pump
1 × variable swash plate pump
Hydraulic Fan Pump – Maximum Pressure, Hydraulic Fan
Swing Pump – Maximum Pressure – Swing
Hydraulic Oil Cooling – Maximum Flow
Hydraulic Oil Cooling – Diameter of Fan
Filters (1)
Full-flow high-pressure filters (200 μm) for main pumps
Filters (2)
Full-flow filters (20 μm) for complete return circuit
Filters (3)
Pressure filters (16 μm) for servo circuit
Filters (4)
Full-flow filters (6 μm) for engine cooling return circuit
Filters (5)
Swing charge filter (15 μm)
Filters (6)
Pump case return screens (125 μm)
Swing Drive
Two (2) compact planetary transmissions with axial piston motors
Parking Brake
Wet multiple disc brake, spring-loaded/hydraulically released
Maximum Swing Speed
Swing Ring
Cross roller bearing with sealed internal gearing
Features (1)
Closed-loop swing circuit with speed control
Features (2)
Hydraulic braking of swing motion when control is returned to neutral position or by counteracting control for stronger braking
Features (3)
All raceways and the internal gearing of swing ring supplied by automatic central lubrication system
U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V; China Nonroad Stage III, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 2; Equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 1
Accessible from ground level
Equipped With (1)
Emergency stop
Equipped With (2)
Quick couplings for: Diesel fuel and Grease
Travel Speed – Two Stages – 1st Stage – Maximum
Travel Speed – Two Stages – 2nd Stage – Maximum
Maximum Drawbar Pull – Forward
Maximum Tractive Force
Maximum Drawbar Pull – Reverse
Gradeability – Travel Drives
38°/78% (SAE J1309)
Hydraulic Track Tensioning
With accumulator
Number of Shoes – Each Side
Number of Track Rollers – Each Side
Number of Carrier Rollers – Each Side
Components (1)
Forged double-grouser track pads
Components (2)
Chain links connected by hardened pins and bushings
Components (3)
Postive Pin Retention (PPR2) sealed and greased track design
Components (4)
All running surfaces of sprockets, idlers, rollers and track chain links hardened
Components (5)
Fully hydraulic self-adjusting track tensioning system with accumulator
Components (6)
Automatic hydraulic retarder valve to prevent overspeed on downhill travel
Components (7)
Audible travel alarm
Components (1)
Pressurized operator station with positive filtration
Components (2)
Heated cab mirror
Components (3)
Sliding upper door window (left-hand cab door)
Components (4)
Glass-breaking safety hammer
Components (5)
Removable lower windshield with in cab storage bracket
Components (6)
Joystick Controls Alternate Patterns including ISO/JIS, BHL, MHI, KOBE, or SCM
Components (7)
Beverage holder
Components (8)
Literature holder
Components (9)
AM/FM radio
Components (10)
Radio with MP3 auxiliary audio port
Components (11)
Two stereo speakers
Components (12)
Storage shelf suitable for lunch or toolbox
Components (13)
Color LCD display with warning, filter/fluid change, and working hour information
Components (14)
Adjustable armrest
Components (15)
Height-adjustable joystick consoles
Components (16)
Neutral lever (lock out) for all controls
Components (17)
Travel control pedals with removable hand levers
Components (18)
Two power outlets, 10 amp (total)
Components (19)
Laminated glass front upper window and tempered other windows
Capacity – Grease Barrel
18gal (US)
Type (1)
Central bank lubrication system
Type (2)
Grease is automatically applied to all attachment pivot points (except bucket linkage) and slew bearing
Type (3)
Standard grease reel on machine for bucket linkage
Type (4)
Grease refill service point accessible from ground
Type (1)
Boom and stick torsion-resistant with welded box design
Type (2)
High-tensile steel with solid steel castings at pivot areas
Type (3)
Boom and stick stress-relieved after welding
Type (4)
Float valve for boom down function
Buckets Equipped With
– Special liner material covering main wear areas inside and outside – Lip shrouds – Wing shrouds – Heel shrouds
Maximum Digging Depth
Maximum Digging Reach
Maximum Digging Height
Maximum Dump Height
Bucket Digging Force – ISO
Bucket Digging Force – SAE
Stick Digging Force – ISO
Stick Digging Force – SAE
Capacity 1:1
Total Width
Number of Teeth
Tooth System
Cat C70 or M75
Weight – Including Standard Wear Package
Maximum Material Density – Loose
  • Cat Powertrain
    • 2 x Cat 3512E engines
    • Aftertreatment System (used in highly regulated countries only): – Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs) – Non-DEF solution
    • Air-to-Air After Cooling (ATAAC)
    • Turbocharger
    • Hydraulically driven radiator fan
    • Electronically controlled fan speed
    • Micro processed engine management
    • Heavy-duty air filters
    • Two-stage fuel filter with series filtration
    • High-capacity water seperator
    • Starting aid — automatic ether
    • Exhaust manifold and turbo heat shields
    • Dual 24 V electric starters per engine
    • Automatic engine idle shut down
    • Automatic fuel priming
  • Hydraulics
    • Hydraulic Optimization
    • Operator Assist: Enhanced Motion Control
    • Cat Hydraulic Hose assemblies
    • Pump managing system with: – Electronic load limit control – Flow on demand – Automatic zero flow regulation – Automatic engine rpm reduction – Reduced oil flow at high hydraulic oil or engine temperature
    • Pressure cut-off for main pumps
    • Cooling of pump transmission gear oil
    • Closed loop swing circuit
    • Pressure testing points
    • Full-flow high-pressure filters (100 μm), main pumps
    • High pressure filters (100 μm), closed swing circuit
    • Full-flow filters (10 μm), return circuit
    • Pressure filters swing charge circuit (40 μm)
    • Pressure filters pilot circuit (6 μm)
    • Transmission oil filters (40 μm)
    • Boom float valve (FS and BH)
    • Stick float valve (FS)
  • Electrical System
    • 6 Maintenance-free batteries
    • Lockable battery isolator switch
    • Lockable starter isolator switch
    • 13 LED high-brightness working flood lights
    • 17 LED service lights
    • 2 acoustic travel alarms – forward and reverse (power module, oil cooler module)
    • 2 electric horns (1 cab module, 1 oil cooler module)
  • Undercarriage
    • HD tracks with cast double-grouser track pads
    • 1400 mm (4’7″) wide track pads
    • HD fixed axle carrier and load rollers
    • HD fixed axle idlers
    • Automatic hydraulic retarder valve
    • Hinged travel motor covers
    • Hardened running surfaces of sprockets, idlers, rollers, pad links, teeth contact areas
    • Fully hydraulic self-adjusting track tensioning system with piston accumulators
  • Automatic Lubrication System
    • Rectangular grease container (fill via service station)
    • Lubricated pinion in swing ring
    • Grease filters (200 μm)
  • Operator Environment
    • Single hydraulically driven HVAC system
    • In-floor window with removable grate
    • Pneumatically cushioned and multiadjustable comfort seat with: – Heating and cooling – Lumbar support – 2-point safety belt – Head and arm rests – Safety switch for automatic motion shutdown
    • Independently adjustable seat consoles with integrated joysticks
    • Electronic-Hydraulic Servo Control
    • Elevated full-size trainer seat with 2-point safety belt and laptop desk
    • Additional fold-away auxiliary seat with 2-point safety belt
    • Three cup holders
    • FM/AM radio with USB and AUX input
    • Parallel intermittent wiper/washer
    • Roller blinds
    • Monitoring system with 254 mm (10 in) color touchscreen
    • 45° stairway from engine bay to operator cab
    • Powered 45° access stairway
    • Heated mirror on LH side
    • Camera monitoring system (Right and rear cameras, 2 lights, and additional display)
    • Level indicators for length and crosswise inclination
    • Document Storage
  • Front Attachment
    • Service access holes from both sides in boom and stick (FS and BH)
    • Boom and stick thermally stress relieved after welding
    • Catwalks with rails at boom (FS and BH)
    • Wear Package (as per bucket selection)
  • Cat Technology
    • Cat Product Link Elite (Cellular)
    • Cat MineStar Solutions Ready
  • Service And Maintenance
    • Engine oil exchange interval — 500 hours
    • Hydraulic oil change interval – 10,000 hours
    • Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·SSM) ports
    • Retractable ground level service station with quick couplings for: – Diesel fuel – Engine coolant – left/right engines – Pump transmission gear oil – left/right engines – Engine oil – left/right engines – Engine oil extension tanks – Hydraulic oil – Grease – Swing transmission gear oil
    • Cat battery charging connector
    • Indicator lights
    • Cat Electronic Technician service port
    • Dirt wiper at swivel
  • Safety And Security
    • Emergency stop switches: 2 in cab, 5 in engine module, 1 at ground level service station, 1 pull rope accessible from ground level
    • Operator Protective Guard (Top Guard)
    • All-round safety glass
    • Emergency egress ladder
  • Miscellaneous
    • ISO or ANSI decals
  • Undercarriage
    • Track guards – full length
    • Track guards – center
    • Track width: – Standard – 700 mm (28 in) – Wide – 900 mm (36 in) – Extra Wide – 1000 mm (39 in)
  • Cold Weather Options
    • Starting aid – cold weather
    • 120 V or 240 V cold weather package
    • Fuel heater
    • Heated cab mirror
    • Lubricant options include: low temperature, high temperature, and Cat Bio HYDO Advanced
  • Superstructure
    • Copper Mesabi or aluminum bar plate engine cooling packages
    • LED working lights
    • Powered 45° access stairway
    • Camera Monitoring System (2 cameras and additional color display)
  • Cab
    • Operator Protective Guard (Front Guard)
    • Product Link Elite radio options (Cellular, Satellite, No Radio)
  • Attachment
    • 3.4 m (11 ft 2 in) or 4.1 (13 ft 5 in) stick
  • Buckets
    • Additional buckets available, based on application, through your local Cat dealer

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