Pneumatic Rollers

New Cat® Pneumatic Rollers in Louisiana

Cat Pneumatic Rollers are ideal for applications like wear courses and binder courses as well as compaction of natural soils and materials with lime or cement.

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CW16 Pneumatic Roller

Gross Power
100.5 hp
Overall Length
14.1 in
Height at Steering Wheel
91.0 in

CW16 Pneumatic Roller

Operating Weight - 11 Wheel Base Machine
11685 lb
Operating Weight - 11 Wheel with Maximum Ballast
32849 lb
Load per Wheel - 11 Wheel Base Machine
1058 lb

CW34 Pneumatic Roller

Operating Weight - Max Ballast
59525.0 lb
Compaction Width
82.0 in
Gross Power
133.0 hp