Customer demand for faster, more powerful equipment has resulted in the increased use and sophistication of hydraulics. With a growing portion of equipment operating costs linked to the hydraulics, decisions regarding hydraulic system maintenance and repair are more important than ever before. Our branches are uniquely skilled and equipped with superior parts and components, system management expertise, and more repair options to help today’s machine owners achieve maximum equipment productivity for the lowest possible cost.



Caterpillar® designs and manufactures hydraulic components to work as a system to meet the unique demands of Cat® equipment. High quality materials, carefully controlled manufacturing processes, and the industry’s most rigorous testing help Cat hydraulic components deliver maximum performance and value over the life of equipment.

Cat Hose and Couplings dispel the notion that “a hose is a hose.” Since Caterpillar began designing and manufacturing its own hose products in the late 1960s, Cat Hose and Couplings have earned a global reputation for offering superior hose performance and reliability.

Many Cat hose standards exceed industry requirements, helping to assure top performance and value. For example, Cat requires its MSHA-approved XTTM-3 ES Hoses to survive one million impulse test cycles – twice the SAE requirement.

Cat Couplings are engineered and tested with Cat Hoses as a system to yield maximum performance in a wide range
of applications.

Bore skived and roller burnished for optimum sealing performance Cat uses these manufacturing processes to produce a highly symmetrical bore with a surface finish that provides optimum seal life. Cat Cylinder Seals feature proprietary materials and continuously improving designs matched to Cat hydraulic system needs.

The critical rod-eye joint on most new and Cat Reman Rods features a continuous bond that’s free of voids associated with arc welding. Most new and Cat Reman Rods are induction hardened to deliver the optimum balance of strength, surface finish and impact resistance. Greater resistance to denting and bending helps extend seal life and keep dirt and other contaminants from entering the system.

Cat Pumps and Motors are built to tight tolerances and are 100% tested to match stringent Cat hydraulic system performance and endurance requirements.

State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies enable Cat Valves to deliver superior machine performance and operator control.

System cleanliness is critical to hydraulic component life and performance. Cat Filters are engineered to deliver superior system protection, helping you obtain maximum component life.