Did you know that your machine undercarriage represents, on average, 50% of your machines’ maintenance costs? You therefore need to make sure you are investing in a system that will deliver the most value to your business in the long run. Cat® designs and builds their own undercarriages, giving them 100% quality control for a machine-specific product match and low owning and operating costs. As a Louisiana Cat customer, you benefit from more than 110 years of experience, and can trust you are making the best choice for your equipment.

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A Cat® undercarriage is designed to work and wear as a system to help make it last with correct operation and maintenance. As undercarriage maintenance costs can consume a large portion of your maintenance budget, it is important to understand how it works so you can reduce wear and minimize costs. Louisiana Cat can help you select, purchase and maintain the right undercarriage for your business needs – right at your door.

Tight tracks create excess stress throughout the undercarriage, increasing wear on bushings, sprockets, links, and idlers. Follow the tension-adjusting procedures in your machine’s owner’s manual or contact Louisiana Cat for assistance.

The extra flotation of the wide shoes used for muddy conditions can actually increase wear and strain on links, pins, and bushings when used in high impact conditions.

You can equip the machine to handle the soil conditions of a specific environment. Use center-punched shoes and optimize guarding in muddy conditions to reduce packing and the increased tension and wear it causes. Use extreme service shoes and carrier rollers for abrasive conditions.