Used Engines/Generators

Used Power Systems

Louisiana Cat offers a wide variety of used engines and used generators including diesel and gas engines, diesel generators, rental power modules, emergency generators or more.

Used power products can provide a cost-effective alternative to purchasing brand-new equipment. Whether you need a used diesel or gas engine, commercial generator, portable air compressor or an uninterruptible power supply, we’re here to help. Our sales professionals can provide you with the best custom, used power solutions for your specific situation.


Louisiana Cat backs up our fleet of used power products with a large service network of technicians. Our field services department employs the latest technology with the best-trained mechanics. Available to you 24/7, 365 days a year, we ensure your used power equipment gets the attention it needs when you need it.

Our online inventory changes daily. Feel free to browse for the most up to date list.  Can’t find that unique attachment or model? Let us search for you using extensive contacts throughout the Cat Dealer Network!

When you find what you are looking for, call Louisiana Cat at (337) 540-4729 for a hassle-free purchase and delivery experience or e-mail your specs to us using this link for a quick reply:

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