Hydraulic Repair Options

Top of the Line Hydraulics Care for Your Peace of Mind.

Protecting your hydraulics means protecting your investment. Your hydraulics system has a substantial impact on machine performance and when it’s broken, you need services you can rely on. Louisiana Cat has a wide range of hydraulic repair options to meet your needs. We use only genuine Cat® parts and have one of the most meticulous inspection processes in the industry, allowing you to get back to work quickly and with the peace of mind that your hydraulic system is performing at its best.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

Weeping Oil from wiper seals is a problem sign with hydraulic cylinders. If oil is leaking, then contamination can occur, which is why repairing before failure is so important. Louisiana Cat has fast and convenient solutions to make sure your hydraulic cylinders are performing at their best.

Advantages of Completing Lower-level Hydraulic Repairs:

  • Restores productivity by ensuring faster cycle times
  • Reduces the chance of contamination by stopping dirt from entering the system
  • Protects pump, motor and valve life
  • Enhances operator control
  • Restores fuel efficiency to its optimal level, reducing your fuel costs
  • Allows you to schedule downtime, and plan for maintenance and repair costs
  • Avoids castrophic failure

Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairs

You can lose up to 20% hydraulic efficiency before the operator even begins to notice it.  That equates to working 5 days to get 4 days of production. And when they go down, so does your entire machine. By using genuine Cat parts and calibrating them specifically to Cat equipment, we make sure your hydraulic pumps and motors provide peak performance.

Cat® Reman

Cat remanufactured hydraulic pumps and motors come with a same-as-new warranty and performance, at a fraction of the cost making them a cost-effective* solution for your business.
*With acceptable core return.

The Value of Working with Louisiana Cat

When you work with Louisiana Cat, you get fixed pricing and services you can rely on. From machining and welding to contamination control and painting, we have complete in-house workshop capabilities. We also strictly adhere to Caterpillar’s reuse and salvage guidelines so you can be sure your equipment will perform at its best.

Contact your Louisiana Cat Hydraulic Specialist, or your local Product Support Sales Representative to find out more about hydraulic repair options.